Dead Medium Giveaway

Dead Medium Giveaway

The Goodreads Giveaway for Dead Medium by Peter John Ends on Sunday 19/05/13.

There’s still time to try your luck and enter. 🙂

Not Your Average Ghost Story
Dead Medium: a Ghost who communicates with the living.

A humorous, character driven story
and a unique vision of life after death.

May Elizabeth Trump disliked the company of others and death did little to warm her spirit. With a dead cat her only companion, she roamed the living world trying to come to terms with her new condition. Her path crossed that of another of the newly departed. Penny Saunders needed May’s help and May was in a unique position to offer it. For she was a Dead Medium; a ghost with the power to speak with the living and her services were to become in great demand.

Spirits with long awaiting messages were not the only ones to take an interest in May’s activities. Something dark was lurking in the shadows, stalking her. Even the dead are not left to rest in peace.


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