A Plain Wish – The back story (1)

Cyndi Lord

Kristi Becker’s life in Indianapolis kept her busy. At fifteen, her huge birthday party with twelve friends, mostly the cheer leading squad, delighted her. Her dad and mom stayed out of the family room when the slumber party started. Her Amish friend, Betty, came to her mind when the girls told scary stories under a tent made of blankets propped up on the backs of the dining room chairs. Not liking frightful stories, she changed the subject.

“I got a letter and a pretty handmade card from my friend Betty in Pennsylvania.”

“That Amish girl you’re always writing to forever?” Melody asked, looking upwards.

“Yeah, you’re just jealous. Want to see the card?”

“Okay.”  The others nodded.

They passed the lovely card around, commenting on the ink work of flowers and butterflies.

“How’d you meet someone all the way in Lancaster?” Amanda Scott handed the card to the next girl.

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