Text speak and the evolution of language?

Library of Erana

Textspeak is all over the place.  Many of us use it daily to text friends or chat online but it seems to be popping up in more formal settings.  I can think of at least two companies which use ‘4u’ as part of their name. Not only this, I have seen writers using textspeak in trying to sell their books. Why would I buy a book when the promotional material or the synopsis isn’t even written in half way decent English. What does that say for the book I ask myself but am I being unkind? Perhaps there is a time and a place for textspeak so long as the more formal use of language is recognised and used appropriately.

Does the use of textspeak mean children don’t know how to write correctly, to spell and to argue coherently? That depends on who you ask.  The links below cite examples…

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