Meet the Author: Peter John

My interview with Jackson Paul Baer

Jackson Paul Baer

Today, we’re talking to our friend from the UK, Peter John. Now, besides having two first names, Peter is a talented writer and a social media guru. Sit back, relax, but don’t let your guard down too much as his characters just might come to life.


You’re the author of DEAD MEDIUM. How would you describe the book in only three words?

Grumpy Old Ghost

Share your favorite passage from the book in one paragraph or less.

“I think we should start by lighting some candles,” Barbara suggested.

“Always with the candles, I don’t see how they help?” Victoria groaned. Barbara pulled four small, red tea-light candles from her bag.

“They work I tell you!” Barbara said as she placed the candles on the table. She put coasters underneath them to protect the wooden surface.

“How do you know?” Victoria asked, “Have you ever tried without them?”

“We have…

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