Review – I, the Sun

Library of Erana

Review of I, the SunJanet Morris

Historical Biography.

5 stars!

Exciting, well written and completely enthralling. I cannot recommend this enough.

I had been looking forward to reading this for a while and I was not disappointed. This book is superb!

Based on actual events (save one character) this story recounts the life of Suppiluliumas, King of the Hittites, favourite of the Storm God, and empire builder. Told from the perspective of the king himself it is an exciting, moving and in some places heart-rending story of the adolescent and angry prince who survives court intrigue, treachery, heartbreak and war to lead his people to a golden age.  Translations from actual historical tablets merge in with the author’s own words to present this fantastic book and present a vivid recounting of a world which existed fourteen centuries before the birth of Christ. This must be remembered when reading…

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