Indie Block Party – Post 8 Social Media and Networking

Library of Erana

Indie block party small The last post of the Indie Block Event discusses Social Media and Networking.

Social networking is important to authors, especially indies, for the World Wide Web gives a reach further than ever before.  However such a beast should be treated with caution, for it has teeth and may bite back.  It is useful to remember what is posted on the internet stays on the internet.

Listed below are some examples of the good and bad behaviour when dealing with social media, and suggestions of what might and might not work for you.

Spam. No one likes spam, well except Monty Python. There are many ways to promote a book online, but don’t overdo it. I made this mistake shortly after I released my first book but learned quickly form my mistake. Of course you want people to know about your shiny book, and preferably buy it but it is…

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