The London Ghost Bus Tour and Necrobus

As I have mention before on a previous article, when I’m not writing about ghosts I can often be found driving a big, red, double-decker bus through London. I have seen many things as I trundle down London’s busy streets during the daylight hours but once the shadow of night loams over this great city other, more macabre things spill out onto the streets. One particular nocturnal denizen of London is ‘Necrobus’.

For a long time now, it has been an intention of mine to board this historic and eye-catching vehicle and be whisked away on a ‘Ghost Bus Tour’ of London’s darker past.

The History

Originally established back in the nineteenth century ‘The Necropolis Bus Company’ provided a private funeral service. In what was known as ‘Carcass Coaches’ by Londoners, The Necropolis Bus Company would convey the deceased, pall bearers and up to fifty mourners through London’s streets. Tragically in 1967 a fire at the company depot destroyed almost their entire fleet of buses. Only one bus was survived and was locked away for 40 years. It has now been fully restored and is being used as a tour bus by ‘Necrobus’.

The Tour

The London Ghost Bus Tour is a spooky and funny guided bus tour of London. Taking in sights such as Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral and many more historic London landmarks, a journey with Necrobus is an experience you’ll not easily forget. With onboard comedy/horror theatrical entertainment in the atmosphere of a fully restored 1960’s Routemaster bus, The London Bus Tour shows you the grisly skeletons in the capitals cupboards.

For more information and some great short videos please visit The London Ghost Bus Tours website at
And like their Facebook page at

Further Thought

I plan to, in the not too distant future, climb aboard and experience this nocturnal tour myself. When this time comes, I have yet to set an exact date, I will have my camera and notebook to hand in order to document my experience. My tour blog will be posted here on The Trump Diary so watch this space.



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