DEAD MEDIUM Is Competing In The AuthorDB 2014 Cover Contest


Dead Medium is competing in the

AuthorDB 2014 Cover Contest under the category of  Occult & Supernatural!

Please wish me luck.

AuthorDB uses a 5 star voting system, please vote for you favourite cover by clicking on the appropriate star.


Dead Medium

A Great New 5 Star Review For DEAD MEDIUM


dead medium by Peter John

I have already reviewed this story on GoodReads, but feel it is good enough for a more in-depth review.  Let me say first that this is one of the best fiction stories in terms of style and structure I have read in a long time.  Mr. John also has the ability to make characters believable and grow their personalities as events unfold, even the dead ones.

The main character is May Elizabeth Trump, a curmudgeonly older woman who lived alone and had always liked it that way.  She was even resentful of her one true friend in the world.  When May dies in an extraordinarily mundane way, she comes back to life as a ghost.  Not just any ghost, but one who can communicate with the living and the dead.   May resists this ability at first, until other spirits begin asking for her help to talk with…

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