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Most privileged people don’t think they are privileged.
Everyone thinks they are struggling. It’s probably true, being human with a knowledge of finite existence and an exaggerated, and frankly unnecessary, awareness of other people’s awareness of you does funny things to the mind. We may all be struggling, but it doesn’t mean we all have an equal number of obstacles to face. It can be easy to mock safe spaces if you have lived in one all your life, I know I have. It doesn’t mean people haven’t had a go at me, but that is because of what came out of my mouth, not based on how I came out of the womb. I worked on this for one of my Edinburgh shows, but it never made it in. It should almost have the rhythm of a poem, but I am quite new to all this.

Nobody notices the…

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Bad Therapy Podcast London Podcast Festival 2017

Bad Therapy Podcast

London Podcast Festival 2017
Comedy, Spoken Word / Saturday, 16 September 2017 – 9:00pm / St Pancras Room
Online Price: £9.50

The Bad Therapy podcast is a brand-new show from the team behind multi-award-winning hit podcast Do The Right Thing.
Join Danielle Ward, Margaret Cabourn Smith and Michael Legge as they cross examine one of their very favourite comedian friends to breaking point. It’s Desert Island Discs meets that interview scene from Shallow Grave. But funny. Like the end of Shallow Grave.
Please note that latecomers may not be admitted due to the event being recorded.
SAVE 15% when you book 3+ #LondonPodFest events
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Bad Therapy Podcast London Podcast Festival 2017



Tall Stories: An Anthology of Short fiction

‘Tall Stories’ is the result of a writing group that came together to share story telling within the same fictional environment. The group was set up to allow its members to tell stories that intertwine; sharing and developing their characters and locations every time a story is told.

In this first anthology of short fiction you will find seven stories about the inhabitants of a residential tower block. Written by Chris Raven, Peter John, Connie Dalhart and Adam Bigden, these stories cover a wide range of genres and styles and will take you on a journey where you will see the same characters through different eyes, each story adding a further layer to life to Musevary Towers.

Ernie: an Upstanding Member of Society by Peter John.
The Visitor by Chris Raven.
A Latté to Go by Chris Raven.
The Globe and Compass by Connie Dalhart.
Marley and the Nose Gnome by Chris Raven.
The Case of the Shiny Red Gift Box by Chris Raven.
The Letter by Adam Bigden.7b0e69cd6fe3d76b8cf5adc74e619905c43d65d8

My Top books of 2016 (so far)!

Read the Bloody Book

Hello, everyone, and welcome to July. So I’ve read some pretty great books in the first half of 2016. I think my lowest rating was a 3.5/5 so that’s pretty good. Although I haven’t had a huge amount of time to read as I’ve been writing my PhD thesis, so I’ve only really finished books that have really grabbed me. But I’ve still read some really great books, and here they are (in no particular order).

IMG_8849 ps

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas (review)

My goodness I love this series. I just cant get it off my mind. I think about it all the time. It’s just fantastic. Sarah J. Maas is my Queen.

IMG_8860 ps

Morning Star by Pierce Brown (review)

This series is just one of the most phenomenal series I’ve ever read. These books have always been there to get me through difficult…

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