The Education Of Lilanoir Rue by Morgan Jane Mitchell

The Education of Lilanoir Rue (Sanguis City Series) 5 Stars

Morgan Jane Mitchell (Author)

Lilanoir was born different, not exactly human but human with extras. Outcast from her human reservation an all ways barring being physically pushed out of the door, Lilanoir turns to Crow, the only person who sees passed her differences and loves her for who she is and not what she is.

Set in an apocalyptic world where vampires are the dominant species and humans are scattered around the wasteland in reservations, The Education of Lilanoir Rue and The Sanguis City series hints at an intriguing past and an unsure future.

Written with an almost personal style, you feel that Lilanoir is standing there telling you her story in her own words.

Being a prequel short, The Education of Lilanoir leaves you wanting more and I eagerly await the release of the full length novel.

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