The Song Of Brian by Bob Milton

The Song of Brian 4 Stars

Bob Milton

The Song of Brian is the story of an average Joe (who happens to be called Brian) who becomes Gabrielle’s chosen one. Brian is a bit of a nerd, an unassuming and passive character. After a visit from Gabrielle his life starts to change, slowly at first but then power and responsibility are thrust upon him at a surreal pace. A once lowly game shop owner ends up with the weight of a world in turmoil on his shoulders.

This book contains a mixture of humor and gruesome violence with surreal characters entwined with a sense of real jeopardy. The Song of Brian also includes some interesting and unique interpretations on God, the afterlife, angels, demons, heaven and Hell. With great characters, a completely off the wall plot and a lovely twist near the end, The Song of Brian is well worth a read.


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