Anya’s Story By Julia Gousseva

Anya’s Story By Julia Gousseva

“When her love life suddenly experiences such changes as well Anya is forced to make quick decisions that will determine the rest of her life.”

“A wonderful historical drama set in Russia during the 1980’s.”

“The author’s creation of the main character Anya is unique, compelling and draws the reader in.”



Anya, a 17-year-old high school graduate, can’t wait to marry her high school sweetheart and have a secure and stable life with him. Even when Russia is thrown into political turmoil and economic hardships, from food shortages and long grocery lines to exorbitant prices and late-night monetary reforms, Anya believes that love will persevere. Then, life takes an unexpected turn, and Anya has to face deceit, betrayal, and humiliation from the person closest to her.

As Anya struggles to regain control of her life, she finds herself in a small northern town on a Soviet submarine base where she is faced with the new challenges she could not have imagined. What happens in that town tests Anya’s passion for life, her ability to love, and changes who she is in fundamental ways, as fundamental as the changes in Russia itself.

Anya’s story, with its loves and tragedies, is played out against the background of the Gorbachev years and the collapse of communism. The disintegration of the old comfortable Soviet system is mirrored perfectly in Anya’s own life as her sense of security is threatened, both by the precariousness of everyday existence in a crumbling state and by the shocks in her own love life.

Also By Julia Gousseva

Life is always changing, flowing like sand through the fingers. A peaceful summer morning in Moscow is invaded by a column of tanks rumbling down a quiet tree-lined street. People are protesting in the streets, independent news outlets are being silenced, and Mikhail Gorbachev is declared unfit to run the country. His whereabouts are unknown. It is August 19, 1991, and the communist hardliners are attempting a coup with plans of eliminating Mikhail Gorbachev and turning back his democratic reforms. “What will happen if they win?” asks Marina, the teenage protagonist. “It will be Stalin’s regime all over again.” A chilling prediction indeed. “Moscow Dreams” is both a coming of age novel and historical fiction, with changes in the former USSR paralleling changes in the lives of the young protagonists. After the coup, Marina and her friends are thrust into drastic social, political, and economic changes. Security is replaced by questions and doubts, and the only thing that is constant is the feeling of uncertainty and the impermanence of life. Show less
Adventures of Alex and Katie is a unique, fascinating and exciting series that takes young kids on a journey into the magical world of Russian fairy tales. Praise for the series from Amazon Top Reviewers: “Julia Gousseva has done an excellent job here in writing a great story and one that I can recommend. This book serves as an excellent read but more so than that, as an introduction to a genre of literature that is satisfyingly refreshing. I am most definitely looking forward to reading more stories like this one.” — Dennis Waller, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer “The interaction of the children with the book opens the idea of taking part in the story, which encourages us to get involved and make the connection to our own life and choices; but it may also spurn on the talented reader to think about writing stories themselves.” — ChristophFischerBooks, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer “Highly recommended for parents who are looking for a fun, exciting adventure to read to their children and grandchildren.” — EbooksReloaded Reviews “Firebird by Julia-Gousseva is an admirable undertaking, striving to update one of the most fascinating fairytales in literature, and make it accessible to young readers.” — Uvi Poznansky, Amazon Reviewer “This is a brilliant idea: take an old fairy tale and update it in such a way that it would be interesting for kids to read it. Let’s face it, kids today won’t sit through most of the classic fairy-tale stories. So, the author takes this: ‘Once upon a time, there lived a father with three sons. The father had a garden where golden apples grew. One night, the apples started disappearing. The father ordered his sons to catch the thief. The oldest son stood guard the first night, but fell asleep and did not see the thief. Etc. etc etc.’ And turns it into this: ‘Are you ready for a little adventure? If you are, you can go in. Rule One: Come back as soon as you get the feather. Rule Two: Don’t talk to old ladies. They can be dangerous.’ There’s also a little hint of The Chronicles of Narnia in this book, which would make kids relate to the story much more readily; and some humor for a good chuckle: ‘…we got a little lost.’ ‘And now you may get a little eaten!!’ — Oleg Medvedkov, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer



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