DREAM WEAVER – Dream Weaver Novels Book 1: A Dark Young Adult Paranormal Fiction Novel BY Su Williams

DREAM WEAVER – Dream Weaver Novels Book 1:

A Dark Young Adult Paranormal Fiction Novel

By Su Williams

Dream Weaver


“Very engaging story.”

“It drew me in from the start, and kept me enthralled throughout the book.”

“I can’t wait for Volume 2 to come out.”

Dream Weaver

DREAM WEAVER was just awarded the bronze medal in the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards!!

Vampires sparkled through the spotlight. Then, the zombies shambled through. Now, it’s time for a new paranormal. DREAM WEAVER.

Emari Sweet understands waking up in a cold sweat, heart pounding and screaming in fear. Night terrors plague her after the death of her parents, and she strives for control over the darkness that threatens to engulf her. But a monster lurks in the shadows, and his subtle hints of brutality explode in a violent attack that plunges her back into the depths of fear.

Nickolas Benedetti is a Dream Weaver…an ancient, arcane and almost immortal supernatural race descended from the offspring of angels & humans, the Nephilim. Nick has the power to command memories and dreams, and each night, Emari’s screams tear another piece of his heart. Nick plunges heart-first into Em’s tormented dreams to save her. But something dark and nefarious has followed him to her little cottage in the woods. His magic can save her from the night terrors, but does he have the power to protect her from the real, living, breathing nightmares that threaten to dismantle her sanity?

Dream Weaver is a young adult paranormal fiction/action adventure trilogy that’s a bit on the dark side. This suspense/thriller, written about realistic pseudo-scientific memory and dream manipulation, is set in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
A beautiful, atmospheric survival story that is dark sci fi meets teen fantasy meets dark romance. A YA paranormal love story receiving 5 star reviews from readers of all ages, and a bronze medal award winner in the Readers Favorite International Book Awards.
**ROCK STAR: Dream Weaver Novels Book 2, and the final book BREAKING NORMAL are also available in paperback and on KINDLE!!!**

5 Star Editorial Book Review by Anne Boling for Readers’ Favorite
Dream Weaver by Su Williams is SUPERB. It’s an unusual tale, part YA fantasy, part paranormal, part romance, part horror and part supernatural. When you roll all those genres into one you have a book you can’t put down. I found I wanted to read slowly to savor the exquisite moments of pleasure this book offers.
Dream Weaver is Su Williams’ first novel. I certainly hope it is not her last. This is an online book series fans of fantasy will not want to miss.

Dream Weaver is a story inspired by authors of great books to read for girls and women like Richelle Mead, Stephanie Meyer, Lisa McMann and Maggie Stiefvater.

Dream Weaver

Also By Su Willliams


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