Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn (The Adventures of Dean Banks) (Volume 1) By Lorraine Carey

“Carey writes in a descriptive hand with is nicely

executed throughout the pages of the story. ”


“He discovers he has weird and wonderful abilities

handed down from his Indian ancestors.”


“This is a ‘full house’ novel, with its urban legends, historical data and magic.”





Want to check in at the Red Coyote Inn? You may want to check out it’s shady past which includes: ghosts, sightings of supernatural creatures, and guests encountering bizarre accidents. This charming inn is nestled in the Sonoran Desert on the Apache Trail close to the foreboding Superstition Mountains which are said to be the home of the legendary Lost Dutchman Mine. Some say the inn sits at the top of an energy vortex that has ties to the mine. And this just may be the reason for all of the paranormal activity. You may find some of the guests who come to the inn are as strange as the inn itself. The inn was a gift left to a family of three – a divorced mother, daughter and son – one of those being Dean Banks, a fifteen year old boy who comes to find out he has inherited a supernatural gift of power from a long ago Apache ancestor and is destined to be the Guardian of the mine. He feels this is more of a curse than a gift. With these powers come some pretty unnatural occurrences for Dean as he acquires the ability to gain superhuman strength along with mystical powers which enable him to thwart any attempts from anyone who tries to discover the whereabouts of the mine. Dean fears his new responsibility and also is terrified of the possibility of harming someone. We also find Dean in a power struggle as he tries to remain a normal teenage boy enjoying his life riding in the desert and hanging out with his new found friends. He will befriend a mysterious old miner who holds the key to some of Dean’s past . This miner also has a secret past for Dean to discover. One guest in particular is onto Dean’s secrets and is out to destroy the Red Coyote Inn and possibly Dean himself.


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