Write Fast, Beat Procrastination – Mile-High Word-Count & Writing Productivity: 5000+ Words-a-Day, Every Day By Rick Smith

Write Fast, Beat Procrastination – Mile-High Word-Count

& Writing Productivity: 5000+ Words-a-Day, Every Day

By Rick Smith

“Thanks Rick for writing this Gem of a How-To for Authors book.”

“Buy this book, and you’ll learn how to write faster and for longer.”

“I’m now going through the book for a second time, and doing all of the individual as I read it.”


Write Fast, Write More, Beat Procrastination and Finish Your Book.
Nobody can buy your book until you finish writing it. Nothing happens until you publish. If you’re struggling to get it done, maybe you need a System!

Perhaps you’re already an Author, but you need a competitive edge. You need to write more books, and that takes time. Whatever the case, maybe you’re holding yourself back:

Do you struggle with procrastination and getting started each day?
Are you easily distracted from your writing?
With all your other responsibilities, is finding enough time to write a problem for you?
In ‘Mile-High Word-Count’, the latest Self-Publishing Masterclass from Bestselling Author Rick Smith, you’ll discover proven systems and techniques that will supercharge your writing productivity:

Secrets of the Five Hour Author: Write a new book every month in only 5 Hours a Week.
The HITs Writing System: High-Intensity Interval Training for ambitious Authors.
The Lean-Mean 5:2 Author: Write like a whirlwind for just 45 minutes a day: and take the Weekends off!
The Mile-High Word-Count: 5000+ Words a day in only Four Weeks!
You’ll also learn the Secret Weapons that will double or treble your Productivity when you’re writing a book.

14 Top Tips to Beat Procrastination.
5 Simple Kick-Start methods that will make you Want To Write every day.
Where to find amazing FREE Software that makes planning and organizing easy.
You could spend months or years trying to write faster, or you could learn all you need to know in a weekend in “Mile High Word-Count”. The book business is booming, but it’s also highly competitive. Join the Winners; Leave Nothing to Chance.



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