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Brandt Legg is a former child prodigy who turned an interest in stamp collecting into a multi-million dollar empire. At eight, Legg’s father died suddenly, plunging his family into poverty. Two years later, while suffering from crippling migraines, he started in business. National media dubbed him the “Teen Tycoon,” but by the time he reached his twenties, the high-flying Legg became ensnarled in the financial whirlwind of the junk bond eighties, lost his entire fortune… and ended up serving time in federal prison for financial improprieties. Legg emerged, chastened and wiser, one year later and began anew in retail and real estate. From there his life adventures have led him through magazine publishing, a newspaper column, photography, FM radio, CD production and concert promotion.

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Book one of the Inner Movement Trilogy. A coming of age thriller of mystics and magic.
Nate’s father died mysteriously when he was twelve. His older brother knows the truth but their mother had him committed to a mental institution. As the Outviews try to take over his mind, sixteen year old Nate fears his turn is next.
During the search for his brother, Nate and his three school friends fight to stay alive. Along the way they encounter five mystics who show Nate his lost powers, teach the forgotten wisdom and reveal his extraordinary destiny.
In time, Nate discovers that everything he believed about his life is a lie, and that the world contains secrets far more beautiful than he could ever have imagined, and evil far more terrifying than he could ever have feared.
Across time and dimension they are after him . . .

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Book two of the Inner Movement Trilogy. Time and dimensions collide as OUTIN, Book Two of the Inner Movement trilogy, picks up from the last thrilling page of OUTVIEW.
Relentlessly pursued, Nate faces impossible choices that transcend life and death. Aided by more mystics, he struggles to find understanding on a breathless quest through extraordinary realms.
If Nate can keep his friends alive, avoid Lightyear, and unravel crucial mysteries from the past… the Movement just might have a chance of make everything right.
The journey continues…

Where were you born and do you think your birthplace had any influence on your writing?

I was raised outside Washington, DC. That exposure to a city where everyone seems to work for a government agency, historic events happen regularly and a culture of secrecy exists may help to explain my early fascination with conspiracy theories, history and mysteries.

Who was your favourite author from childhood?

Over the course of months, my second grade teacher read aloud to our entire class, a few pages a day of the Hobbit. Tolkien captured me, I’ve been on a quest ever since.

What do you think most influences your writing?

My own life. I’ve been fortunate to have lived a colorful life. My father died suddenly when I was eight, I went into business at ten, made millions of dollars as a teen and wound up penniless in prison at twenty-five, for financial improprieties. Since then, I’ve owned or managed a wide variety of businesses, lived in interesting places and met extraordinary characters. All these experiences have added to my writing, I use metaphors to translate aspects of my life into the plot and characters of my books.
When did you first gain an interest in writing?
My teen years were quite unusual. I had a couple of book offers for my memoir when I was still nineteen. But it wasn’t until five years later, while waiting through a lengthy federal investigation that I considered writing my story. Soon I was in prison with lots of time to think. Released after a year, at age twenty-six, I had decided to become a writer instead of going back into business, but life got in the way. It would take twenty years until my first book got published (not the memoir, but a novel instead).
About the book

Are any of your characters based on real people, no matter how loosely?

Disclaimers aside, all my characters are composites of people I’ve known with a healthy dose of me thrown in. That being said, no character is based on anyone, merely an eye color here, an accent there, maybe the way they always ate the same thing for lunch, their odd political philosophy . . . whatever. But then the character comes to life and shows me parts of themselves I’ve never imagined. It’s quite fun (and a little spooky) when it happens.

If you had to describe Outview in only three words, what would they be?

Visionary, mystical, thriller.

Why did you choose to write in this particular genre?

Outview is book one of the Inner Movement trilogy. All three books (Outmove, the final book is due out in November) are classified as young-adult because of the age of the protagonist, he’s 16-19 during the series. Studies show that more YA books are bought and read by adults than by teens. This has been true of my sales as well. But the YA market is one of the fastest growing genres and its readers are extremely passionate. I’ve been thrilled with the response.

Brandt Legg (trees)

If you had to compare Outview with any other book, what one would it be?

Many people have compared Outview and Outin to the Alchemist, Celestine Prophecy, Cloud Atlas, Snow Child, Night Circus and books in that vein. They are all in the metaphysical thriller or visionary fiction categories and share that “magical” element. But the Inner Movement trilogy is, at its heart, a thriller; it’s just wrapped up in mysticism.

What part of the writing process did you find most difficult?

I love all of it! The ideas flowing, the constant reworking of the plot, developing characters, revisions, editing, weaving the threads and wrapping them up, even marketing and promotion appeal to me. But all of it is work and, on certain days, it is very hard work. There just isn’t any other kind of work I would rather be doing.

Where would you like to find yourself in five years time?

Three books published in 2013. Three more planned for 2014. If I can keep up that pace, I’ll be releasing my fifteenth book in 2018 – making up for lost time, all those years I wanted to write but didn’t. Fifteen books, I’d be happy.

Are you working on another book? And, if so, what is it about?

With the final book of the Inner Movement coming out in a matter of weeks, I am beginning work on a new trilogy. It’s actually based on a novel I started writing more than twelve years ago. It’s about an archeologist who makes a discovery in the Virginia mountains that changes everything. I’m very excited about it.

If you had the opportunity to co-write with any author who ever lived, who would you choose?

That answer changes on any given day but today as I’ve been struggling with a critical part of a story, I’d like to write with Cormic McCarthy because of his brilliance. His word choices always seem effortless and perfect, but perfect is never effortless. On many days, he’d be my choice. Today I’ve also been tackling marketing and for that I’d like to work with James Patterson, because he, more than anyone, has cracked the code of how to sell books.

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