William O’Brien’s Author Spotlight

I am simply enchanted to introduce you to

the author of ‘Peter: The Darkened Fairytale’ William O’Brien.


Living in a small village in Lancashire, England, the author has written his first book, Peter. In the 1990s, the author had twenty-one articles published, both nationally and internationally. After gaining an honours degree in Geosciences, doing post-graduate study in Occupational Health and Fitness, and earning a masters degree in Science Communication, he developed an interest for simple communication. A passion for writing again emerged, and combining various interests in fine art, museum exhibition display, biology, geology, poetry, and the mystical led to the story of Peter: A Darkened Fairytale. The author still retains a childlike vision of the world, which is conveyed throughout the book.


Peter: The Darkened Fairytale.

In a quiet sleepy place nestle a few tiny houses, a bridge, and a handful of shops. Unknown to Peter, on one particular morning – the morning of his tenth birthday -will reveal more than just the usual collection of presents. Stumbling into a secret place, he travels through many hidden worlds and embarks upon a fantastic journey. Hally the lifelongian, Arnica the maiden, Wind Sail the white witch and a beautiful elf called Slip will all guide him on his quest.

Searching through the Purple Forest, Peter makes haste to rescue a friend, which proves more difficult than Peter could ever imagine. The gentle tale soon finds its way into some very dark places as the evil Cirinian and her followers try to thwart Peter’s progress. Guards, ghosts, spirits and vampirism add to the unknown dimensions that Peter encounters.

A creation of surreal places and characters, Peter: A Darkened Fairytale is an exciting and imaginative fantasy trip from beginning to end.

6_The Box

Where were you born and do you think your birthplace had any influence on your writing?

I was born in Manchester, England. Although, I wouldn’t say there is any direct connection or influence to my writing- indirectly, I believe most things in life happen for a reason.

Who was your favourite author from childhood?

Lewis Carroll

Who do you think most influences your writing?

It is a crazy mix of many things; probably Lewis Carroll, Oscar Wilde, Grimm and possibly even a hint of Monty Python in places.

When did you first gain an interest in writing?

When I was about 19 years of age- I wrote fitness articles.


How long did… take to write?

Overall maybe a couple of years. However, it was started about six years or so before completion.

If you had to describe…in only three words, what would they be?

Magic, surreal and fantasy.

Why did you choose to write in this particular genre?

I have always been drawn to the mystical.

If you had to compare Peter: The Darkened Fairytale with any other book, which one would it be?

Probably, Alice in Wonderland- but darker and possibly even stranger.

What genre is your book listed under? And If you could create the perfect genre for your book, what would you call it?

Children’s/YA and Fantasy. I think the genre is reasonably fitting.

7_The Store Room

Where would you like to find yourself in five years time?

I would love to write full-time.

Is there any advice you feel you could give to aspiring authors?

Never give up. If you believe your idea is a good one, stick with it. Never go along with the thinking of others because you will never create anything original. Most people in the world feel you have to be labeled and put in a box or category, or somehow they cannot accept things. There are crazy, wonderful thinkers in the world and there are following sheep… take your pick!

Are you working on another book? And, if so, what is it about?

Yes, a couple of poetry books and a follow-up to Peter.

Do you have a website where readers can find out more about you and your writing?


Do you have any events or promotions planned for the near future?

Hopefully in a couple of months for the poetry book release ‘Peter, Enchantment and Starlight’- details will be posted on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.


Chapter 5 – Ice

Peter: A Darkened Fairytale by William O’Brien

“It be cold on eve’, aye!” said the unpleasant-looking creature, who was poised at an acute angle and speaking in a deep voice.
“Yes, very cold, to be precise,” answered Peter.
“Do you mean ‘precise’ or ‘exact’? As you could be exact about your comment but not precise, and you could be precise, although not exact! You should be certain in what you state; it may be important at a later date.”
Hmmm, thought Peter, not really understanding. “May I ask who and what you are?” he said, examining the speared-eared little man.
“Cold it be, aye; aye, cold of the coldness; very cold you see, aye! I am an imp, Arry the imp, full of mischief, so I am told,” said the vertically challenged skater. “Believe this is yours,” he said, pulling out a brown satchel that looked exactly like Peter’s own.
“Oh! How did you get that?”
“Ahh, well, I might have nipped along and removed it from you – mischievous, you see. Aye, mischievous!” he said, hopping about on his skates. “When you were not looking, aye!Peter should be watchin’, should be watchin’, you see, aye!”


The Trump Diary Review: Peter A Darkened Fairytale 5 Stars

William O’ Brien (Author)

Peter is just about to turn 10 years old and is expecting to grow quite substantially with the addition of a second digit to his age. With his mother, he visits Mrs Kipple, the owner of the local antiques shop, on the promise of a surprise birthday gift. While wandering around amongst the clutter of old and unusual objects he discoverers a clock through which more than time can pass and a magical journey through a strange and fantastical world begins.

William O’Brien’s writing style, while quirky, keeps you hooked and truly brings his darkened fairy-tale world alive. His ability to describe the world through the eyes of a ten year old boy is quite remarkable and leaves you reminiscing about when our own thoughts were untarnished by the sensibilities of adulthood.

Peter: A Darkened Fairy-tale is like a cross between Alice in Wonderland, The Wind in The Willows and anything by Tim Burton and reads like a ride down a helter-skelter. Filled with weird and wonderful locations and off-the-wall characters, your mind is left buzzing by this authors unique and unfettered imagination. With the fast paced action and the in depth descriptive passages, the story flows like the perfect roller-coaster; a smooth yet exhilarating experience.

Peter: The darkened Fairytale is available to buy from Amazon



Also By William O’Brien:


Peter, Enchantment And Stardust

Peter, Enchantment and Stardust is a delightful collection of strange and mystical poems inspired by the children’s book Peter: A Darkened Fairytale.

The author has created a variety of magical poems revealing new secrets of the hidden worlds from the first novel. Enchantment gives an insight of the some of the delights readers will be able to find in the forthcoming story in Peter’s adventures. For the light of heart, Stardust will make dreams come true.

As always, there is the expected beauty of light and an unreasonable fear of the dark. Although, one could ask, should one really be afraid of the dark?

However, for now, enjoy the mysteries and wonder of the light in Peter, Enchantment and Stardust but do be careful of things that may be hidden.

Until we next meet… count your wishes!

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