I Will Breathe By Regina Puckett “5 Stars”

I Will Breathe “5 Stars”

Regina Puckett

Alone since the death of her father, Liberty travels the world in an inherited, steam-powered airship, trading with the few people left alive after the great war. Taught from a young age to be suspicious of everyone, Liberty lived her life to her father’s instructions and avoided any form of closeness. Then on a routine trading stop she meets Boy, a childlike, clockwork robot, and she suddenly finds herself breaking all the rules.

“I Will Breathe” is a spell-binding, post apocalyptic, steam-punk adventure that I struggled to put down. Great characters and a realistic feel to a world limping in the shadow of a long since ended war, a world filled with peril yet also tinged with a faint glimpse of hope.

I will breathe

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