Zen and Sex by Dermot Davis

Zen and Sex (a different kind of Romantic Comedy) 5 Stars

Dermot Davis (Author)

I will start by saying that this is far from my usual read, there are no explosions, no alien invasions and no vampires. It’s a book about relationships and love, so I opened it tentatively and was very pleasantly surprised; it caught my attention from the first page. Dermot Davis has a very smooth and easy to read style of writing which flows down the page effortlessly.

Martin is a man looking for love, in fact he’s looking for the look of love but it’s love itself he’s really looking for. After a series of unsuccessful dates he meets Frances, a woman 14 years older than him and 14 years more mature.

The characters feel very authentic and Martin’s thoughts and feelings seemed very familiar, not unlike my own during my early twenties I’m willing to admit. Strewn with great observational and character based humour Zen and Sex was an unexpectedly good read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Whether this book would fit in with your usual reads or not, I highly recommend it and it deserves a place on anyone’s bookshelf. Dermot Davis is a great wordsmith and I’m looking forward to his next excellent work.

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