Peter A Darkened Fairytale by William O’Brien

Peter A Darkened Fairytale 5 Stars

William O’ Brien (Author)

Peter is just about to turn 10 years old and is expecting to grow quite substantially with the addition of a second digit to his age. With his mother, he visits Mrs Kipple, the owner of the local antiques shop, on the promise of a surprise birthday gift. While wandering around amongst the clutter of old and unusual objects he discoverers a clock through which more than time can pass and a magical journey through a strange and fantastical world begins.

William O’brien writing style, while quirky, keeps you hooked and truly brings his darkened fairy-tale world alive. His ability to describe the world through the eyes of a ten year old boy is quite remarkable and leaves you reminiscing about when our own thoughts were untarnished by the sensibilities of adulthood.

Peter: A Darkened Fairy-tale is like a cross between Alice in Wonderland, The Wind in The Willows and anything by Tim Burton and reads like a ride down a helter-skelter. Filled with weird and wonderful locations and off-the-wall characters, your mind is left buzzing by this authors unique and unfettered imagination. With the fast paced action and the in depth descriptive passages, the story flows like the perfect roller-coaster; a smooth yet exhilarating experience.

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