Madhu Kalyan Mattaparthi. Author In The Spotlight.

I am happy to introduce you to

the coauthor of Pebbles

Madhu Kalyan Mattaparthi


I am an IT professional from Hyderabad, India. A philanthropist, traveller and I love to write! Sensitive and observant, everything that happens around me is an inspiration to do something new. After earning appreciation and success in the world of IT, I now consider writing as my new passion. I have worked in Google, India as a CEA and I am also the owner of a start-up company, Green Turtle Software Solutions.


My book, Pebbles tells the stories about life. Life is a journey from birth to death and like any other journey, it occurs in a series of events. Time passes by and we find ourselves on a new phase before we can even comprehend the end of the one we had just lived! The journey has its ups and downs – at times we feel like time couldn’t have been better and at times, even the purpose of being alive remains lost on us. Different events have different effects on us – some affect us drastically while others simply wave at us as they pass by. These events are like pebbles – each having a different shape, a different colour, a different size and together they join to draw a path in front of us which we tread during the journey of life.

Where were you born and do you think your birthplace had any influence on your writing?

I was born and brought up in Hyderabad, India. My birthplace didn’t influence my writing.

Who was your favorite author from childhood?

To be honest, I never used to read as a child. It is only after growing up that I have realized the value and importance of literature.

Who do you think most influences your writing?

Anything that catches my attention becomes an experience which stays with me as an inspiration. Sooner or later, if the impression of the event stays, I write about it.

When did you first gain an interest in writing?

After watching a short documentary which inspired the theme of “The Imperfect Father”, I started to take interest in writing.

Who would you say has been the greatest supporter of your writing?

Gunjan Vyas, my friend, editor and co-author of Pebbles, has been the greatest supporter of my writing.


Is there a particular author whose books you would say inspired you to start writing?

“Who will cry when you die” by Robin Sharma

Are any of your characters based on real people, no matter how loosely?

Yes, a few of them are. Real people create real stories which one can genuinely relate to.

How long did Pebbles take to write?

Each short story, on an average, took about five to six days.

If you had to describe Pebbles in only three words, what would they be?

Life’s different phases.

Why did you choose to write in this particular genre?

The stories in this book do not belong to any particular genre – the book contains romance, humour, tragedy, love of family. Everything that has been written about is because life had provided us with some sort of inspiration.

If you had to compare…with any other book, what one would it be?

Every book is different, so I would not like to compare it with any other book.

What part of the writing process did you find most difficult?

I always feel difficulty writing humour.

What genre is your book listed under? And if you could create the perfect genre for your book, what would you call it?

Love, life, family.
Where to now?

Where would you like to find yourself in five years time?

I would like to see myself travelling world and writing travel stories about the people I meet.

Is there any advice you feel you could give to aspiring authors?

You don’t need fancy equipment to write.

An artist needs an idea, a board, paints, brushes, pen, and training and knows how to draw.

A photographer needs an expensive camera, equipment and something to take the photograph of and expertise to take a good photograph.

To write, you just need a pen, paper and your heart to lead the way.

Are you working on another book? And, if so, what is it about?

Not working on any book as of now.

Do you have a website where readers can find out more about you and your writing?

Do you have any events or promotions planned for the near future?

No thoughts about it as of now.

If you had the opportunity to co-write with any author who ever lived, who would you choose?

Robin Sharma

A small poem dedicated to my friend

Flowers need sunshine
Violets need dew,
All angels in heaven
Know I need you.
Years may fly
Tears may dry,
But my friendship with you
Will never die…

Get your copy of Pebbles on Kindle here!

Get your copy of Pebbles on Kindle Here!

Get your copy of Pebbles on paperback here!

Get your copy of Pebbles on Paperback Here!


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