The Cleansing By Danielle Tara Evans

The Cleansing By Danielle Tara Evans


“It’s a good story, it’s well-written, and it’s thought provoking.”

“In this case, it is the love of the two main characters, John and Annie, that endures all and perseveres.”

“This read is both compelling and engaging. It will hold your attention from the beginning right to the end.”


After the earth suffered from a series of severe natural disasters that claimed many lives, people are still fearful years later. America allows in foreigners from other devastated areas to assist with rebuilding. As a result, a new wave of immigration occurs, and now Americans are in the minority. They are discriminated against and blamed for global warming.

When a foreigner becomes president of the United States, he devises a plan that will prevent Americans from standing in the way of his tyranny. He forces them to attend the Earth Education Program, where they are supposed to learn how to take better care of the environment.

The story follows John and Annie Weber, an American couple, who discover that the program is more malignant than it appears. As a massive genocide takes place, John and Annie struggle to survive in this new world.

Also By Danielle Tara Evans

The Revolt
John and Annie’s son is now grown up, living in the UNE as Eric Beaumont. He was raised by his adoptive parents to be an Erdinist and a Julian supporter, and he does not know who he really is. As Eric’s life starts to unravel, he begins to learn the truth about the UNE. When efforts are made to take down Julian and his oppressive regime, dangerous consequences arise.
After enduring a childhood in poverty with his alcoholic and extremely neglectful father, Jason Schultz is now a grown man suffering from depression. Between his strained relationship with his sister, a job as a cook that he despises, and his overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, he struggles to make it through each day. When he falls in love with a new waitress at his work named Lydia, he imagines a better life with her but believes he can never have her. As his depression escalates, he makes a decision that will dramatically alter the course of his life.



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