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Jams N. Roses

SoaSK Front Cover

Me? I’m a single father, English, but living in France, and enjoying the first steps into my new writing career. I have a few titles available now, but I’m still reluctant to call myself an author!
I suppose I am an introvert, very much a watcher and a listener. I’m never the loudest man in the pub, for example. On reflection, I believe this is why I enjoy writing so much; it gives my inner thoughts the voice that perhaps I am too timid to share in reality.

“Son of a Serial Killer” is a best-selling psychological thriller. It’s a dark story about Ben, a man who is suffering from the death of a loved one, a difficult girlfriend, oh, and the voice he keeps hearing in his head. As the title suggests, there are a few murders that take place in this book.

Where were you born and do you think your birthplace had any influence on your writing?

I was born in Bedfordshire and grew up in Hertfordshire, which isn’t the worse place in the world to grow up. However, like most places, there are elements of society that are not strictly living the right side of the law. Many of these types were my friends at a younger age; it was almost the norm on my old estate, so I’ve seen the lives of criminals firsthand. Does it influence my writing? Of course.

Who was your favourite author from childhood?
The earliest books that I remember reading were from Roald Dahl. “The Twits” and “George’s Marvellous Medicine” spring to mind as I type this. These books are nothing like mine of course, but the imagination behind stories like these still impresses me to this day. When my son gets a little older, I’ll maybe read them to him.

Who do you think most influences your writing?

It isn’t who, it’s what. And the answer would be life. “Son of a Serial Killer” was written during a difficult period when I felt anger inside, but not able to express that anger, other than in the form of writing (do you see how much of a wimp I am?). “Get Clean” was written about people I know and the experiences of drug abuse by me and others. “Finding Her Feet” is a book based on a girl I once knew and loved. Most of my work is very emotion driven, and the initial spark will almost always be from something I have experienced at a certain moment.


Are any of your characters based on real people, no matter how loosely?

“Son of a Serial Killer” has many characters that are loosely based on people I know. I tend to take part of someone’s real character and add that to the character in a book. I take the pieces I need to make the story work. We don’t all know people that merit having a whole book written about them, but we all have interesting parts of our personality, and if you take a few of these traits from different people and put them together, you get a brand new, super-interesting character that slots right into the pages of your book.

If you had to describe…in only three words, what would they be?


What genre is your book listed under? And If you could create the perfect genre for your book, what would you call it?

It’s listed under psychological thriller, which is an accurate description. It is also a mystery, as we don’t know who the killer is, and I get the occasional review calling it suspense!

GC Front Cover

Are you working on another book? And, if so, what is it about?

I’m making notes for my next project. It will be crime novel, and if I manage to execute it as I would like to, it will have a political message also. It will be based in the UK and told in the first-person. Religion is heavily involved in the plot (what plot I actually have at this point!) and so I expect many bad reviews from those that I have offended.

Do you have a website where readers can find out more about you and your writing?

Amazon author page: http://amzn.to/17IhsPv



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